Vegan sauces that pack a plant-based powerhouse punch.

Michelle's RawFoodz is stirring the pot with an entire line of vegan sauces.

Spread good on good and get saucy with it.

  • Vegan and organic certified

Made with cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Loaded with herbs and spices

No artificial fillers, thickeners or preservatives

Michelle's RawFoodz believes in the power of plants and we want to share it with the world through our lip-smacking vegan sauces. We've consciously crafted sweet, savory and all around satisfying flavors to fit every mood.    

Feeling creative in the kitchen? Make your own pizza using our Take Me to Italy vegan marinara as a base. Spread flavors and aromas of tomato, oregano and basil that are so rich you would swear it comes from Nonna's kitchen.  

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Our Gone to India coconut curry sauce is vegan and 'creamier' than you'd ever believe. But you'll have to be the judge of that. Using coconut milk powder, curry and cumin, these notes of sweet and savory will have your taste buds dancing all the way to, well, India.  

Since we're all about the power of tasty plant-based meals, we created a vegan BBQ sauce that's sure to become a satisfying BBQ favorite! Full of spices and bursting with flavor, we loaded it with the good stuff and stripped away the bad stuff like artificial sweeteners, thickeners and preservatives.  


Michelle's RawFoodz uses only the finest vegan ingredients to give you the finest products. We do Mother Nature proud by creating homemade style vegan recipes that you can buy in stores and online so the power of plants is accessible to everyone.

Plant-Based Powerhouses in a jar