Michelle’s RawFoodz Dips are always Vegan.

Show your plants some Vegan-love with our Vegan French Onion and Ranch dips!

Dip into a splendor of plants with the goodness of our vegan dips!

  • Never any artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers

Guaranteed Vegan

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Clean ingredient list

Nut-free (may contain coconut)

Mother Earth gives us her bounty of plants to fill us up with vitality, and we will not be the ones to stand in her way. In fact, we fully embrace her passionate mission, which is why we created our delicious Vegan dips.


Sold out

One thing we'll never understand here at RawFoodz is why some people dip their amazing fresh veggies, full of energy and life, into a bowl of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and thickeners.  Our Dips are always vegan, organic, allergen-free (may contain coconut), canola & soy free. Let’s not also forget gluten-free!


Made with a base of cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, nutritional yeast, and hemp seeds, with the delicious benefits of minced onion and garlic, low-glycemic coconut sugar, and sea salt, our French Onion dip gives your veggies the respect they deserve. 

Plant-Based Powerhouses in a jar