Paleo sauces powered by plants – PARTY!

Michelle's RawFoodz' entire line of paleo sauces are as natural as it gets.

Paleo-friendly sauces anyone?
Go wild with our delicious, all-natural sauces.

  • Non-GMO and paleo friendly

Made with cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Loaded with herbs and spices

No added preservatives, colors or thickeners

Michelle's RawFoodz has consciously
crafted an entire line of paleo sauces that are just as healthy as the food you're putting it on. With full flavors and velvety-smooth textures it's only natural to assume it's the best of Mother Nature's bounty.  

Our selection of plant-based sauces are made with real ingredients and deliver UNreal taste. Turn up the heat with our Boldly Go paleo BBQ sauce, spiced with our blend of eight seasonings including cayenne pepper, cumin and smoked paprika.

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Looking for a quick meal idea? Marinate your veggies in our Gone to India Coconut Curry sauce then pop them in the oven for a delectable dinner under 30 minutes. Loaded with
turmeric, coriander seeds and coconut milk powder (for our non-dairy friends), this delicious dish will have you scraping the bowl.  

If Italian is your thing, our Take Me to Italy marinara turns any zucchini noodle from average to authentic. Using cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sundried tomatoes, all the aromas of Italy are just a jar away.


Michelle's RawFoodz is dedicated to creating the best tasting products to suit any lifestyle. We believe in putting good on good and sharing the power of plants with the world one bottle at a time.

Plant-Based Powerhouses in a jar