Michelle’s RawFoodz Salad Dressings are always paleo

Give our 9 paleo salad dressings a try; packed with goodness and always delicious!

“Pack a punch of Paleo on your plants please”
Now say that 3 times!

  • No refined sugar; organically sweetened with coconut sugar or Canadian maple syrup

Soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free.

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Never any artificial ingredients, fillers or preservatives

Clean ingredient list of carefully selected ingredients.

Michelle’s RawFoodz salad dressings are always paleo. Mother Earth nurtures her bounty of amazing vegetables, and we respect her by using whole food ingredients that are minimally processed and packed with healthful benefits.

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Whether you prefer a traditional garlicky Caesar, a zesty Italian or a smooth Japanese dressing, we have the perfect paleo option for you. That’s because all 10 of our varieties contain cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, loads of herbs and spices and select ingredients like Goji berries, figs and olives.  

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With our consciously chosen ingredients and focus on the good stuff, we take the guess-work out for you. All you have to think about is the kind of salads you’re craving, and what paleo dressings best suit your fancy.  

Michelle’s RawFoodz. Just the RAW GOODS.    

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