Gluten-free sauces that are oh-so gratifying.

Gluten free guaranteed...but we know you'll want to check the label for yourself

Michelle's Rawfoodz gluten free sauces are consciously crafted for every lifestyle.

  • Gluten free and made in a gluten free facility

Plant-based and vegan certified

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No artificial thickeners, fillers, flavors or colors

Loaded with herbs and house-made spice blends

At Michelle's Rawfoodz, we thoughtfully choose every ingredient and every step in our creation process to ensure everything is gluten free. From our Take Me to Italy marinara down to the Boldly Go BBQ and all the Coconut Curry in between, these gluten free sauces are bursting with flavor and made with organic ingredients from Mother Earth herself.  

Don't be shy, drench your eggplant in our Gone to India coconut curry sauce! Made with incredibly delicious spices like cayenne, turmeric and paprika, your veggies will get a perfect punch of mild heat in all the right ways.  

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We like to go bold and messy, after all, that's what BBQ sauce is for! Coat cauliflower in our Boldly Go gluten free BBQ sauce and throw it on the grill for a quick and easy dinner. Don't forget the napkins! For a taste of Italy, toss zucchini noodles in our marinara for a delicious, decadent bowl of pasta.  

All our sauces are packed to the rim with flavor that’s powered by plants, each one without fillers, thickeners, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and always gluten-free. Our ingredients are clean and organic like Mother Nature intended, and we plan to do her proud.  


Our sauces are filled with plant-based goodness – and a few other things like sundried tomatoes, cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and spices galore! Nothing but the RAW GOODS!

Plant-Based Powerhouses in a jar