Michelle’s RawFoodz dips are always Gluten Free. Guaranteed.

Add gusto with our gluten free French Onion and Ranch dips. Dunk away!

Thank Mother Earth for her bounty with our delectable gluten free dips!

  • Gluten free guaranteed

Made with cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Flavored naturally with herbs and spices

Never any artificial ingredients, preservatives or ingredients

Michelle’s RawFoodz dips are always guaranteed gluten free. We believe there is no better way to pay justice to the plant-powerhouses Mother Earth bestows on us, than with equally nutrient-dense delicious dips.

Mother Earth provides us with her remarkable bounty of plants, so we respect her by using only organic, whole food ingredients that are minimally processed and packed with benefits. Only the raw goods!

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Our dips start with cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, raw apple cider vinegar and nutritional yeast and then are chock-full of flavor from herbs and spices. To make our gluten free recipes as awesome as they are, we pass on gluten and use ingredients like hemp, chia and nutritional yeast to create just the right textures, naturally! Take the guessing out with our clean ingredient list full of only the good stuff and none of the crap.


Dipping into the power of plants never tasted so good and was never so easy. We’ve got your bounty covered

Plant-Based Powerhouses in a jar