Dairy-free sauces never tasted so good - or maybe they did and it’s just a well-kept secret.

Michelle’s RawFoodz is serving up dairy free sauces that are so delicious you’d think we’re pulling the wool over your eyes.

Michelle's RawFoodz is stirring up a selection of dairy free sauces that are changing the game.

  • No fake fillers, preservatives, flavors or colors

Thickened naturally with ingredients like hemp and chia seeds

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Dairy-free and made in a dairy free facility

Always organic and vegan certified

Consciously crafted, our sauces are made for those with dairy allergies, vegans, or people who just crave great taste. With delicious flavors like BBQ, Coconut Curry and Italian Marinara, you'll never have to settle again.  

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Italy? We picture, delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil, minced garlic, and tomatoes that are bursting with flavor, just like in our Take Me to Italy dairy free marinara. For a quick, easy and dairy-free meal, enjoy it over pasta or use it as a base for pizzas....and that's just the marinara!

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Would you believe it if we said our Gone to India coconut curry sauce was dairy free? Read the ingredients, we encourage it! With "creamy" textures and spices like curry powder, paprika and turmeric this sauce will turn your veggies into a saucy delicacy.  

We think bold flavor is best, so we made our Boldly Go BBQ sauce dairy free and loaded with flavor. Great for grilling or as a side sauce, this BBQ delight can be cooked or eaten straight from the jar.


Michelle's RawFoodz believes that everyone deserves delicious, healthy food – and that includes our dairy free friends! Our line of sauces only uses the raw goods. You'll never find an artificial ingredient anywhere near our products and we plan on keeping it that way!

Our dairy free sauces are breaking barriers to allow everyone to dig into the power of plants – and they taste damn good too.

Plant-Based Powerhouses in a jar