michelle’s rawfoodz salad dressings
are always dairy free.

9 varieties of dairy free salad dressings that add impossibly delicious and nutritious flavor to your favorite salad.

shouldn’t your salad dressing be worthy of your salad?

Give dairy free Caesar and dairy free Ranch Salad Dressings a try

Loaded with herbs and spices

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Crafted with cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

Never any artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers

With Michelle’s RawFoodz, you never have to compromise between delicious and dairy free! If you are a fan of Caesar dressing, enjoy the decadent, garlicky pleasures of a crave-worthy Caesar Salad with our wickedly tasty, dairy free, plant-based version.

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Take it a step further with our dairy free Ranch dressing, with a touch of coconut milk and loads of classic ranch herbs. Don’t stop there, our whole line of dressings are dairy free. Imagine, salad dressing that complements your dairy free lifestyle.  

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Mother Earth provides us with her bounty of amazing vegetables, so we respect her by only using whole food ingredients that are minimally processed and packed with healthful benefits.

When it comes to substituting for dairy, instead of turning to the fake stuff, we use a combination of hemp, chia seeds, nutritional yeast and sometimes a touch of coconut milk, depending on the variety. You’ll never find artificial emulsifiers, thickeners or gums in our recipes!

Mother Earth gives us her best, so we dress her bounty with our best. Digging into the power of plants never tasted so good and was never so easy. With a great selection of varieties from savory, to spicy to a little bit sweet, we’ve got your bounty covered.