Don't thank us for these delicious and all-natural sauces, thank Mother Nature. She provides us her best!

Michelle's RawFoodz is dedicated to serving you sauces made with nature's best.

Try not to get lost in our sauce - these healthy sauces will have you scraping the jar.

  • No refined sugars (contains coconut sugar)

Made with plant-based, organic ingredients

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No artificial flavors, thickeners or colors

Healthy option for vegans, paleo, and those with common allergens (may contain coconut)

At Michelle's RawFoodz, we make our sauces with nature's whole ingredients – the way Mother Nature intended. Packed to the rim with flavorful herbs, spices and seasonings, we're dedicated to making the best sauces for your body and taste buds.  

Boldly Go where no store-bought sauce has gone before with our natural BBQ sauce. Is it hot in here, or is it just our eight-spice blend cranking the flavor?

It's definitely the spice blend.


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Looking for a marinara sauce without artificial flavors, colours, and thickeners? Good, we're happy to hear it! Our Take Me to Italy marinara sauce is loaded with organic ingredients like red bell pepper, sundried tomato, classic Italian seasoning and more. Put it on zucchini or your favorite pasta for a taste so good it makes Nonna shed a tear.  

Would you believe it if we told you our coconut curry sauce was made completely with the power of plants? With such rich, creamy textures from just the right amount of coconut milk powder, you would never realize it’s dairy-free and loaded with natural ingredients.  


Michelle’s RawFoodz makes our sauces the best they can be, so you don’t have to choose between flavor and health. Our sauces are naturally good. None of the crap. Just the raw goods!

Plant-Based Powerhouses in a jar