The best salad dressings are as healthy as the salads you serve them on. Naturally!

Michelle's RawFoodz is serving up 9 delicious salad dressings that are sure to become your healthy favorites.

Mother Earth gives us her natural best, so we set out to create the best salad dressings we could!

  • Cold-blended to naturally retain nutrients.

Made with the best ingredients we could find, like first-pressed extra virgin olive oil 

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Completely free of artificial fillers, thickeners and flavors

 Ideal for most diet lifestyles and concerns  

What’s better than nature's bounty itself? Well, not much in our opinion. That’s why we show our respect by using only healthful ingredients to make the best and most natural dressings we know how.  Nothing you can’t pronounce or have never heard of goes into our salad dressings.

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Everything from our classic Caesar to our Goji Berry dressing is made with organic, plant-based ingredients. We start each recipe with first-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and then build up exceptional flavor with loads of herbs, spices and unique ingredients. Using whole fruits like goji berries and mission figs creates a natural sweetness, while hemp and chia seeds provide a natural and healthier thickener. No crap here.

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We’re proud to share that nothing from our kitchen is ever heated, depleted or mistreated. That’s because we cold-blend our dressings. Did you know that most store-bought salad dressings, even some that you find in the refrigerated section, are actually cooked to preserve them?  

Put your plants where your mouth is and do Mother Earth some justice. Please.

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