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Mr. Tuk Tuk

Mr. Tuk Tuk Latest Menu & Price

Introducing Mr. Tuk Tuk, a Malaysian eatery that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the streets of Kuala Lumpur. The aroma of authentic spices and herbs will greet you as soon as you step in. The menu is a mouth-watering fusion of Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese cuisines that will leave you spoiled for choice.

A La Carte
Tom Yam Fried Chicken WingsRM13.80
Thai Fish Cakes 3 PcsRM14.80
Thai Pandan Chicken 3 PcsRM14.80
Shrimp PancakeRM11.80
Dried Chili ChickenRM16.80
Prawn CrackerRM11.80
Thai Almond ChickenRM18.80
Crispy Fish FilletRM18.80
Thai BBQ LambRM18.80
Kai PingRM13.80
Black Pepper BeefRM18.80
Tom Yam
Tom YamRM13.80
Tom KhaRM13.80
Tom Yam Nam SaiRM13.80
Thai Mango SaladRM13.80
Beef SaladRM13.80
Glass Noodle SaladRM15.80
Thai Pomelo SaladRM18.80
Thai Prawn SaladRM15.80
Steamed SotongRM18.80
Thai Seafood Otak-otakRM18.80
Crispy Fried KangkungRM14.80
Mixed VegetablesRM14.80
Stir-fried KangkungRM14.80
Four Heavenly BeansRM18.80
Tofu Basil LeafRM16.80
Green CurryRM16.80
Thai Basil ChickenRM15.80
Thai Basil BeefRM15.80
Salted Fish Fried RiceRM13.80
Pineapple Fried RiceRM15.80
Tom Yam Fried RiceRM13.80
Thai Special
Thai Special PlatterRM29.90
Thai Special PlatterRM29.90
Phat ThaiRM13.80
Tom Yam NoodleRM15.80
Fried Glass NoodleRM13.80
Tuk Tuk NoodleRM13.80
Casserole PrawnsRM18.80
Omelette with OnionRM13.80
Thai Steamed Fragrant Jasmine RiceRM2.90
Sunny Side UpRM2.00
Mango with Sticky RiceRM11.90
Water Chestnut in Coconut CreamRM9.90
Thai Fried Ice CreamRM9.90
Thai Iced TeaRM10.80
Fresh MangoRM10.80
Fresh Watermelon LycheeRM11.80
Thai Iced Green TeaRM10.80
Fresh WatermelonRM10.80
Mineral WaterRM5.80
Fresh Banana MangoRM11.80
Thai CoffeeRM10.80
Drinking WaterRM1.90
Is Mr. Tuk Tuk Malaysia Halal?

Yes, Mr. Tuk Tuk is a Halal-certified restaurant in Malaysia. This means that all the food and ingredients used in the restaurant are compliant with Islamic dietary laws.

How Many Mr. Tuk Tuk Are There In Malaysia?

Mr. Tuk Tuk has multiple locations across Malaysia, with branches in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and Subang Jaya. Exact numbers may vary as the restaurant continues to expand and open new locations.
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What Is Mr. Tuk Tuk Famous For?

Mr. Tuk Tuk is famous for its delicious and authentic Malaysian cuisine, particularly its fusion of Malay, Indian, and Chinese flavors. The restaurant’s signature dishes include Char Kway Teow, Nasi Lemak, and Roti Canai. Customers also love the restaurant’s affordable prices, lively ambiance, and friendly service.