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Biggest Wellness Trends of 2018, So Far!

Every spring when browsing the pages of your favorite magazine or watching the news, you’ll inevitably start hearing about the journey to get ready for summer. “Lose weight fast” or “Get your bikini bod ready!”

As you know, we’re not into the fad diets or the “get healthy quick” schemes. We’re here for living your best life all year round, but we’re also fans of exploring the wellness space and trying out new things – there’s no end to feeling great! We know it can be hard to keep up with all of the new trends in wellness, so we’re here to tell you about some of the #lifehacks you might be hearing about over the next few months. We don’t suggest starting all of them at once – that would be a huge undertaking! – but we DO want to make sure that you can keep up with all of the health and wellness conversations with your friends this summer. Let us know which ones you would try!

CBD oil

The Chalkboard Mag names CBD as the new wellness trend that is here to stay. If you have yet to hear about cannabidiol, here is a quick rundown. CBD is a derivative of cannabis, with many therapeutic properties such as anti-stress and anxiety and improvement in sleep. The chemical compound stimulates the release of hormones in the body for more effective stress relief. Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not cause a “high”, but rather it has long been used for its antipsychotic properties to treat conditions such as epilepsy. With the current rage over CBD, many forms of the supplement are available. Trailblazers are adding it to their coffees, using it in their lotions, or taking it as a capsule. Check out @shutthekaleup’s simple recipe for CBD coffee.

Because CBD does not contain the compound THC which causes the “high” typically associate with cannabis, You can find CBD at specialized stores, certain health food stores and through companies online. Whether on your Instagram feed or in the aisles of the health food store , you’ll certainly catch a glimpse of CBD this summer.

Non-Toxic Sunscreen & Green Beauty

This one is a biggie! Hidden ingredients in drugstore sunscreens such as mono-, di-, or triethanolamine, parabens, and fragrance/perfume are carcinogens that can potentially do more harm than good. Many of the chemical ingredients used for cosmetic products are not regulated and it’s not clear what the potential harmful effects can be. Thanks to the rise of natural beauty, there are many affordable and safe alternatives to help protect us this summer. To start, the Environmental Working Group’s guide on non-toxic sunscreens takes you through brands that meet their criteria and the ingredients to look out for in regular sunscreens. Get bronzed with a clean sunscreen this summer to look and feel your best.

Mitochondria as the new hack to health

The recent spotlight on the mitochondria is not without reason. Known as the “powerhouse” of the cell, the mitochondria is the component of our cell that converts glucose and oxygen to generate ATP, also known as energy. So how do we optimize mitochondria function in order to perform our best? According to Dr. Lipman, the author of How to Be Well and a renowned functional and integrative doctor who combines holistic practices with western medicine, the mitochondria prefers to feed on fat rather than carbs. He recommends including lots of healthy fats in our diet. It can be as simple as adding avocado to your salad, and using healthy oils such as coconut oil – the options are endless!

Jade Rolling

Dating back to 17th China, jade rolling has been a holistic practice that is known for its beautifying effects on the skin. The healing and purifying properties of the jade stone in addition to the rolling action is thought to help lymphatic drainage, de-puff and even minimize lines. The simplicity of the beauty ritual and its readily seen results allowed jade rollers to quickly gain its place as the newest trend of the beauty industry. Amp up your beauty routine this summer with this tool for some extra glow.

Intermittent Fasting

You may have heard people talking about this trend in recent years. Many refer to intermittent fasting as a form of “biohacking”, and here’s why: through fasting for an extended period of time, it is thought that the few or no energy intake enhances mitochondrial health and DNA repair on the microbiological level, giving our cells a “reset” and ultimately leading to a clearer mind and greater energy.

According to an article in the scientific journal Ageing Research Reviews, different forms of intermittent fasting (IF) have also shown effects such as efficacious weight loss, improved insulin resistance and reductions in risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, hence the attention that surrounds the topic of IF. Without diving deep into the practice, there are “fasting-mimic” diet plans that can give you a taste of what IF is like, such as the guideline provided by Dr. Axe. But remember, don’t try anything too drastic without consulting your doctor or healthcare professional!

If you’ve already heard about these wellness trends, you’re ahead of the curve. If not, you now have a few conversation starters for your next party. Let the debating begin!